Your project becomes our passion. Hire us to partner with you from the design phase, to the installation and for years to come maintaining your beautiful space.


Our newest addition to the Stonemark family, Willow & Birch focuses on both exterior and interior design. Passionate about  beautifying spaces, we can assist with a variety of design focuses.


Garden Design

What We Offer

Gardens are the finishing touch for all of our projects. Often times clients opt out of the planting with plans to do it themselves at a later date, but those that do decide to have it professionally done truly see the difference. 

We offer planting packages as part of a larger project or on their own. Whether you have a new build with virtually nothing or an old garden that hasn't been maintained, we will tackle any project. 

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Additional OFFERINGS


Interior Design & Decor Selection

We are passionate about interior design & decor and would love to assist no matter the size of the project. We also offer decor selection - let us do the shopping for you!


Custom Container Planting

We offer custom container planting for all seasons. 


Seasonal Decor

If your looking to beautify your home for your favourite season, we are happy to help with all your seasonal decor needs.